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Although I originally trained in England as a studio potter, life has lead me along various paths to my current one as a custom goldsmith which I have been practising for almost twenty years. I have always been intrested in creativity on all levels and am very excited to finally be pursing my painting in a serious manner. Painting is probably the most challenging form of art for me because there are no restrictions regarding form and function. To create a sense of place and space on a two-dimensional surface is the ultimate feat, especially to do so without great detail. Since my jewelry work demands detail and miniscule measurements, I try to avoid this in my painting. I want to be able to respond to my subject matter in a physical, almost visceral way. My only exception to this is in portraiture where I believe even small nuances are vital to establishing the individual character of my subject, be it people or animals.

Having grown up in Mexico, colour is also very important to my work. As a child I was surrounded by colour, both in the landscape and the people. I was often taken to the cosmopolitan museums and art galleries of Mexico City. Mexican art has had a large influence on my life as I have always admired the boldness and simplicty of much of their work, especially the murals. Hopefully, I can develop my own path to constructing landscapes and portraits that speak to that sense of strength that I think is inherent in all living beings.

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